Yes optus, Have a Jacobs creek and evian in a kia! Lacoste!!!

First of all, do not ponder over the title i have given to this post! It’s not a sentence from any of Shakespeare plays.   It’s just a gimmick to try to bring your attention to this post.

The title is a mix of some of Australian Open tennis tournament sponsors written to look like a sentence. So, yes; this post is all about many of the sponsors of Australian open (hereafter referred to as AO). Why? Because even though i might have heard those names before, i seriously do not know what many of these sponsors are! Since they are the sponsors of a world-class tournament like AO, these companies should be BIG.

So, if you already know, what Jacobs creek, Yes Optus, KIA, evian, Lacoste, ANZ, Rolex and IBM are, then this post is not for you. If you know a few, then may be you can have a look at the post, or if you just know one or two among these, this post might give you some general knowledge….There may be far more sponsors than what i have mentioned here, but these are the names i saw around the tennis court during the matches, so i am just sticking with these. If any of you know more sponsors and what they are, feel free to add them in the comments section!

Jacobs creek

The title “Jacobs creek” was all around the court, that too in large “font size” so i  thought it should be something really big!

Jacobs creek is the brand name of a wine produced by Orlando wines in australia! They are the official wine sponsors for AO. This brand is so famous in Australia, there is even a river stream named after the wine. The details about Jacobs creek in AO website can be read here and if you are above 18 have a look at the wine companies official website here . (FYI, one of the  sponsors of Cricket Australia is Wolf Blass or simply WB, which is another famous wine company in Australia)

Yes optus

“yes”optus or simply optus is the second largest telecommunication company in Australia (The largest telecommunication company  in Australia is Telstra  ) . Optus is owned by the Singapore communications giant, Singtel . To know more about optus, here is a Wikipedia article about the company and the official website link is here.


I saw the word “KIA” on the tennis net at first, and also at the sides of the court. I thought it should be a tennis net manufacturing company or so! KIA is actually South Korea’s second largest motor car company! (Hyundai is the largest car manufacturer is South Korea). They manufacture passenger cars, SUV and vans, commercial vehicles, electric and hybrid vehicles and even military vehicles! They are planning to come to Indian market in 2012, so, soon you can see KIA cars around!Other than sponsoring AO, KIA also sponsors the NBA (National Basketball Association) and sponsored the 2010 FIFA world cup. Rafael Nadal is the Brand ambassador of KIA. To read more about KIA click here or go to their official website here.


Evian is a mineral water company from France. The water in their bottle comes from several sources near Évian-les-Bains, on the south shore of Lake Geneva. Have a look at this Wikipedia article to know the components of their mineral water. The official website of Evian is something which you definitely want to have a look at, you will  find something very familiar in their website. 🙂


Initially i misread Lacoste as “Lactose” , but later found out Lacoste has nothing to do with lactose. 😀 Lacoste is a french apparel company which sells clothing, footwear, perfumes, watches so on and most famously, tennis shirts. The company can be recognized by the crocodile logo! Till i read about Lacoste, i thought the name of the company which produces “crocodile” t shirts was “crocodile” itself! Read more about Lacoste here or visit their website and do some shopping. Happy shopping!


ANZ stands for Australia and New Zealand Banking group. They are the third largest banking group in Australia. (Commonwealth Bank and Westpac Banking corporation being the first and second largest banks.) Other than in Australia and Newzealand they have branches in 25 other countries including India with a branch in Mumbai.

NB: ANZ is also the acronym for Air New Zealand


Rolex is a Swizz watch manufacturer and is the official time-keeper for AO. They are specialized for manufacturing of high quality luxury wrist watches. Here is a detailed article by Wikipedia about Rolex watches. Also the official website of Rolex can be visited by clicking here. The AO website also says a lot about its association with Rolex. Roger Federer is one of the brand ambassadors of  Rolex watches.


IBM or International Business Machines is an american multinational technology and consulting coöperation. with respect to AO, they are the technology providers for the event. Visit this website by IBM which is dedicated to AO, where  IBM explains how their technology helps in the event like calculating the ball speed and other motion imaging techniques.

There may be a lot of other sponsors which i have missed out, but since my blog is not the official blog of AO, i really do not care! Before i end, just to remind, AO takes place at Melbourne which is one among the most beautiful cities in the world. Have a look at the official Melbourne website to know more about the city and if you want to know more about tennis in Australia  here is their official website!

Hope the article was useful,  and depending on the response, hopefully will be back with a similar articles, when the next Grand slam tournament or any other important sporting event takes place!

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