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The book “Three Thousand Stitches” was never in my to-read list and I had purchased this book, just for the sake of qualifying for free shipping on Amazon! However, after reading the book, the Author Sudha Murthy has joined the list of authors whom I follow and would recommend to others as well. Not many may know Sudha Murthy as an author but will ring a bell when you know that she is the spouse of Narayana Murthy, co-founder of Infosys. She has written many books over the years in both English and Kannada and “Three Thousand Stitches” is one of her recent books. Her writing has received critical acclaim over time and she has won a few prestigious literary awards as well. 
Coming to the book, “Three Thousand Stitches” consist of a collection of stories, all of which are either the author’s personal stories or her experience on interacting with people from different walks of society. These chapters include details on her childhood and college life, her struggle in succeeding as a woman, family stories, her life at Infosys Foundation and her interaction with many ordinary people that changed her perspective about life. There is no single theme that stitches the chapters together, though one can argue that all the chapters are life lessons!
Most of the chapters are intriguing and would leave you wanting to know more though there are few chapters that make you skip the pages or just skim and read. I found the chapters that offer insights on the working of Infosys foundation really interesting as well as the chapter on her college days. On the less interesting side, there are chapters based on stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata, and if you are someone who has heard most of the epic stories earlier, you may feel she could have used these space to tell us more about her personal experience rather than retelling epic stories! 
For a reader, the first book you choose of a new author plays a big role in deciding if you are going to follow the author and for me, this book definitely had made an impact after I completed reading. I strongly recommend this book to people of all ages, her language is simple to understand and the content is relevant to children as well as adult readers and would make you reflect yourself on what you have achieved and where you want to go forward!  The book makes the reader realize no matter the circumstances, anything is possible in life and can be achieved if there is a will and passion in what you do. Go ahead and pick this book as your next read!

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