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If there were media in mars , how would they have seen the news of curiosity rover of NASA land on their surface ? Read an imaginative transcript of a news report from mars in my blog article below 🙂

Dear Martian Viewers, sorry to interrupt the scheduled telecast of your selected channel, as we have to switch to Channel “Galaxy News” for a special news telecast. Over to Channel Galaxy news reader  Flapio kudralima now.

 Flapio kudralima: Good afternoon dear Martians. There has been a confirmed report that human species from the planet Earth has landed a space vehicle named “Curiosity Rover” on the surface of our planet. I repeat, there has been confirmed news that a space vehicle from planet earth has landed on Mars. I am joined by our special correspondent Spentnik lalkilazia from the landing zone.

Spentnik lalkilazia; are you able to receive my telepathic signals?

Spentnik lalkilazia: Yes Flapio kudralima, I am able to hear you telepathically. Please carry on.

Flapio kudralima: Yes; tell us more about this space vehicle humans have sent to our planet? What are the details you can give our viewers?

Spentnik lalkilazia: The human species from planet Earth has successfully landed a space vehicle which they have named as “Curiosity rover” at around 3 darts martian time which is around 5:30 AM Earth time, Greenwich zone.  The vehicle has the  size of a standard Martian kitchen blender with a weight around 3 karts which when  converted to earth measurement system, comes to around 900 kilograms. A preliminary scan using my elec-mag scanner indicates the presence of various electronic devices inside the vehicle. So far i have identified 2 small computers, tele communication systems, different kinds of camera for navigation as well as mars imaging, different spectroscopy systems, mars environment analyzer so on are  found on the vehicle.

Flapio kudralima: Do stay on the telepathic line Spentnik lalkilazia, I am joined by  Yahankila Komalan who is the senior research director at Center for Earth sciences at the university of Inter galaxy planets.

Mr  Yahankila Komalan, what are your comments and your analysis on this recent development?

Yahankila Komalan: First of all I would like to tell the martian society that there is no need for panic about this recent developments. This curiosity rover sent by human species is a totally harmless vehicle and even if by accident, the vehicle moves towards the martian society hubs which is highly unlikely, our defense systems are capable to prevent the rover from finding us.

Flapio kudralima: Is there any benefits for the martian society from this mars rover from earth?

Yahankila Komalan: As a matter of fact, Yes!Our initial analysis over the Curiosity rover indicates the presence of Radio isotopes in the vehicle. Isolating radio isotopes are one among the few technology the martian labs has never been able to do. So, if we are able to get our hands on these isotopes present in the hover, it will kick-start a  revolution in science and technology on our planet.

Flapio kudralima: Can you please explain in detail?

Yahankila Komalan: Yes, the curiosity rover from planet earth is powered by radio isotope thermo electric generator. Those are generators which produce electricity by the decay of plutonium-238 which is a radio-active element. Even though plutonium 238 is non fissile, we have the technology for conversion of non-fissile to fissile, but we never were able to isolate these isotopes.

We have a technology, a machine called NCR mac, which stands for Nuclear Chain Reaction machine. Humans have a device called PCR machine which stands for Polymerase Chain reaction machine which exponentially replicates genetic material from even trace amounts. Similarly, if we can get trace amount of even non-fissionable radio-active material, we can multiply it with our NCR machines and produce large amounts. Also the ….

Flapio kudralima : Sorry to interrupt, but we are joined now by Klagrimalfio ugloshi, the president of Martian Society Hub.

Hail Martians Sir;  What is your message to the martian society about today’s events on planet mars?

 Klagrimalfio ugloshi : Hail Martians!

First of all I congratulate the human species on behalf of the martian society hub for their successful landing of the space vehicle Curiosity rover on our surface. I am hoping that one day they will be able to retrieve this telecast and accept my greetings. The martian hub is always positive towards such harmless intergalactic expeditions from any planet including the earth.

Flapio kudralima : Hail Martians! Sir,  experts say that the vehicle has the presence of radioisotopes and obtaining even  trace amounts of the same will lead to a science revolution in our planet. Has the sovereign martian society hub   committee  planning any military operation to seize the vehicle and get the isotopes?

Klagrimalfio ugloshi: Hail Martians! Never! Martians never follow the path of violence or forced seizing .We reciprocate only if the life of martian society is in danger and now there is no such threat from the humans or their projects. Our intelligence wing informs that the Curiosity mars project will  be working for 2 earth years which is just 300 knotiks for us, hence we will be waiting for the humans to finish their experiments and then we will decide over the possibility of accessing radio isotopes from their machinery.

As all Martians know,our preliminary and most important aim is to stay undetected to the human species until “Project Iklifishamo”  is ready.

Flapio kudralima: Thank you sir for telepathing with us, Hail martians.

Klagrimalfio ugloshi: Hail martians!!!

Flapio kudralima: Viewers can also join the discussion and ask questions, if any, using the telepathic code you see on your screen right now. Before getting back to Yahankila Komalan, going to the rover landing site once again. Spentnik lalkilazia, what are the latest from the landing site? I hope you are properly disguised and is undetectable to the curiosity rover sensors?.

Spentnik lalkilazia:Yes Flapio kudralima, I am properly disguised and there is no chance that the rover can find me as a life form. In fact I am positioned right next to the space vehicle in the form of a rock and protected by force field technology and a digital perception filter. Telling more about the space vehicle, the rover is making noise as it moves around, indicating that the human race has not yet developed absolute silence machinery technology. Also, so far, there is no sign of the rover changing its form to any other design which is more adaptable to the martian conditions, again indicating that the Transformers movie from planet Earth is just another fiction and they have not yet developed anything like that yet.

Flapio kudralima: That was Spentnik lalkilazia from ground zero reporting the latest on scene developments. It will be a great relief to many martian scientists that the rover from earth has not transformed itself to any other design as many fear that such a technology with the humans might compromise the Project Iklifishamo.  Coming back to  Yahankila Komalan; thanks for being on the telepathic line; we were discussing about the presence of radio-active material on Curiosity rover.

 Yahankila Komalan: Yes, As a matter of fact, in the earth year 1976 the humans did sent a space vehicle to mars named Viking 1 which was also powered by radioisotope included technology. But then we did not have the NCR technology with us to exploit the presence of radio-active material on our surface.

Flapio kudralima:I am joined by Graplio glippi who has a question to  Yahankila Komalan.

Graplio glippi: Sir, why is that Martians are not sending any probes or our people to earth when we have already sent our missions to manyother planets?

Yahankila Komalan: It is a good question, the reason is that, according to the treaty of Godavari, Martians will send life form to planet earth only after the human species finds us. Experts from Human science study has found out that, the human species will think that we are coming to attack them, when they  see the vehicles we use to travel or even by seeing the  gifts we take to them. So it was advised that we delay our mission to earth until we get an assurance that earth is safe for exploration. Also, humans are outnumbering other species on earth, and soon before they become extinct, it will be just humans and their machines. At that time, they will be able to accept and understand us and more importantly that will lead to the successful completion of  the Project Iklifishamo.

Flapio kudralimaCant we collect and use the traces of radioactive material left in the Viking space craft? Wont they be still active?

Yahankila Komalan:Actually, the viking space craft was destroyed by the martian military immediately after the humans finished their experiments with it. They claim that they have imaged the viking in the earth year 2007,  but they don’t realize that it is just a digital projection of the space craft which we have kept running, if the humans search for it again. We have the sovereign right to do anything with the devices sent to our surface from any planet and hence there is nothing illegal or unethical in what we did.Also planet earth is not even a member of the Inter galactic planet association. So, we don’t have the Viking space craft here anymore and hence we badly need to go for the Curiosity rover. But unfortunately the political system is mars is unwilling to take such bold actions and i have to say , these decisions, like delaying the capture of Curiosity rover until humans finish their experiments, will only take the Science in Mars to lower inter galactic standards.

Flapio kudralima:Thank you Mr  Yahankila Komalan for  sharing ur thoughts with us

I have one more person joining me and it is Dilakura sumathi from the Center for Time and Space Travel Research Institute.

Has the Time travel center conducted any time travel expeditions  to find out the future and fate of the curiosity rover? Will the humans find life on mars?

Dilakura Sumathi: The moment we heard about the curiosity landing, we filed a request to the Intergalactic time travel control centre to grand us permission to conduct a time travel to find out whether the curiosity will be of any threat to the existence of Martians. And our findings show that the martian society is safe . regarding whether humans will find life on mars, we cannot answer that question to the public, as the day humans find life on mars is a classified data. But i can say that, the humans will be happy with the findings with their curiosity experiments.

 Flapio kudralima:Thank you all for joining me for this special telecast, back to your personal channels! have a wonderful day ahead and Happy Diklabi in advance!

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  1. Shibin, Nice story. What you need is an artist and a publicist. Who knows, maybe you could turn Harry Potter into a has been. 🙂

        1. That would be good. Then again, who knows? A really good idea has a way of growing in direct proportion to the dedication of who ever dreams it up 🙂 I guess comic books aren’t what they used to be any way.

  2. I like your report. The English you used to prepare the report is very simple and understandable. I appreciate your imagination. The names you selected is okey for Martians ! 2 Names – Komalan & Sumathi – pertains to Kerala names. Thanks for the entertainment.

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