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Hampi Vijayanagara book written by John M Fritz and George Michell is a must buy for anyone visiting Hampi or simply want to more about the Hampi Vijayanagara empire. This book can be considered as a gold standard reference book on Hampi because of its comprehensive content, the qualification of the authors, the print quality of the book and value for money.

If you have done a basic research on Hampi, you will know that the Hampi Archeological area is so vast that it would require a full week to explore the place in detail and a minimum two days to do a quick hop of all important locations. This book will help you tremendously in exploring the place and if you have read this book, you won’t even be needing the help of tour guides present at the site and the price of the book will be one fourth of what you have to pay for guides!

Contents of the book:

The book has mainly 2 sections, the first one dealing with the great history of Hampi and a second part that explores each of the famous historical sites at Hampi. Reading about the history of Hampi gives you tremendous insight to what at the site years ago and will literally allow you to relive the moments when you visit the place. Visiting a historical place without knowing about its history is the worst decision you can make! You may enjoy Hampi even otherwise just by seeing the scale of the remenicese but knowing exactly what was there and what happened there increases the experience multifold.

The photographs included in the book are not that great and probably are the ones taken by the authors itself during their time at Hampi. I personally felt those could be replaced with better ones, I suppose the Authors/Publisher could collaborate with a professional photographer to get some better and photos. Few of the nomenclature of the places mentioned in the book is not what the locals/the authorities use at the site and may create a bit of confusion. For example the temple mentioned in the book as ” ” is actually the ” ” temple and you won’t find the mention of ” ” in any of the sign boards at Hampi.

About the authors:

John M Fritz and George Michell have visited the Hampi sites more than 25 times and is considered as pioneers in 

Book print quality and price:

The book is available under 500 rs (under 10 dollars) on most of the e-commerce websites (Links given below). When I received the book, I was thrilled to see that this book has full color pages on glossy paper! With photographs of the Hampi sites on almost every page, it is not surprising that the book is full color, but getting it under 500 rupees is really worth the money you are paying. Also, this book weighs just 200 grams and is compact enough to fit in small handbags and can even go into some jeans pockets!

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