When I first saw the advertisement of Fastrack Game of Thrones Collectors edition “Lord Commander”  watch on my Facebook wall, two things GOT my attention: Black & Metal! I have always been a fan of watches which are black in color and have metal straps, but finding an affordable yet branded one was the problem. You either get low quality dirt cheap watches under 1000 or even under 500 on Amazon or you have the premium ones from Casio/Titan/Fossil which revolve around 10,000 INR mark.  Finding a mid-range black metal strap watch which has a class to it and that stands out from the rest was difficult. Hence, when a collectors edition watch from a reputable brand and depicting one of your favorite TV show was available for under 4000 INR  (after discounts), there was no second thoughts on ordering it right away!
Image courtesy: Fastrack.in
Image courtesy: Fastrack.in

After 4 days and a long nights wait, I got my hands on the prized possession and boy, the unpacking was exciting! The Watch came in a beautiful Game of Thrones-themed box which in itself is a collectible for any GOT fan. My first thoughts after seeing and holding the watch echoes the tag line given by Fastrack: “Be nothing short of an absolute king with this watch”

The package box!
The watch looks stunning with its dark wings and dark words (black strap and markings) as if kissed by fire, has a minimalist yet creative design and weighs enough to have a premium feel!. The etched representation of a Direwolf (The house Stark sigil) on the display adds a royal touch to the watch. Other than the time dials(H, M &S), the watch only has a date display. There are no “number markings” to represent the hours and hence it will take some time to get adjusted in reading the time, especially when someone suddenly asks what the time is. There are no Alarm bells or weekday display either. The number markings are replaced with what initially looks like random dots, but is in fact representation of the armor John Snow wears! 
Other than the Lord Commander edition, there are other GOT themed watches on offer from Fastrack and the full details can be found here. I personally found the “Lord Commander” edition classy among all the options except maybe  The Iron Throne edition. The “Lord Commander” edition is priced at 4095 and I got an instant discount of 300 INR when ordered via their website. Interest-free EMI on major credit cards is also available for those who are interested!  
Fastrack offers a decent 2-year warranty on the movement and 1 year on the battery. The date selector is a bit cumbersome to reset if you miss the correct date as you will have to turn the crown for like 5 minutes to reach the same date again. The black crown (and not a golden crown) has a 2 level adjustment mechanism, the first one for the date and the next one for the time. 
Whether you are a knight of the seven kingdoms of the last of the starks, I believe this watch will be a great addition to your collection. If not for you, this can be the Gift for your loved ones or for a hardcore GOT friend of yours! 
Closing the door on this review I would say, wristwatches are probably the only style accessory most men wear and care about. I have been resisting the onslaught of fitness bands that are flooding the wearable accessory market and this new addition to my watch collection is going to keep the fitness bands at bay for a couple of more years until regular watches become watche(r)s on the wall

Have you purchased a GOT special edition watch? How is your experience? Share in the comments section below! 

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