Book Review: Hampi Vijayanagara

Hampi Vijayanagara book cover

Hampi Vijayanagara book written by John M Fritz and George Michell is a must buy for anyone visiting Hampi or simply want to more about the Hampi Vijayanagara empire. This book can be considered as a gold standard reference book on Hampi because of its comprehensive content, the qualification of the authors, the print quality of the […]

Three Thousand Stitches by Sudha Murthy

The book “Three Thousand Stitches” was never in my to-read list and I had purchased this book, just for the sake of qualifying for free shipping on Amazon! However, after reading the book, the Author Sudha Murthy has joined the list of authors whom I follow and would recommend to others as well. Not many may know Sudha […]

Book Review: Origin by Dan Brown

Dan Brown is back with his fifth book in the “Robert Langdon series” and I was eagerly looking forward to a come back from the author after disappointing works with Inferno and Lost Symbol. The plot of “Origin”, as the title suggests, attempts to answer the fundamental questions of evolution as to “where we came […]