“Apple Apologizes” and Why I am not an Apple fan!

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Well well…
Apple CEO Tim Cook has come up with an Apology about issues with Apple Maps in their latest i Phone!
That is something new and good too!
Yes, Apple is a great company! But are they the Best?
Here are my views!

The only products, which I would like to buy from Apple is their  Mac books and i Pads! ( Currently, I don’t own ANY apple products). Every other product from Apple, I believe, there  are better products from other companies at cheaper price!

Lets see my choices here!
Apple Music players ( All iPod variants)

I thought i Pod was the best! Well, later I realized when it comes to experiencing Music, it’s NOT! I was going to buy an Apple iPod and it was then I heard about COWON MP3 players from a friend! Did some quick Google search and realized Apple is way behind COWON in the music out put!!!! Have doubts? Do a quick Google search and compare iPod vs Cowon PMP’s! Apple iPods comes nowhere near the quality and out put a COWON mp3 player gives. Club the Cowon with a high-end earphone/headphone, Music wont be the same for you anymore.

The iPhone!

For me, a Phone is a phone! a device to make calls, send message and use internet when needed!. For any one who has “similar” needs with a phone, iPhone should be the least choice! And its damn expensive too!! Use an MP3 player to listen to songs, use a SLR/Point and Shoot camera for taking photos, use your home PC/lap to browse internet when at home!
Has anyone thought of a fact? The difference in price of a 8 GB/16 GB or 16GB/32GB iPhone is 100 dollars and the ONLY difference between these 2 phones is its memory! I hope everyone knows that an 8 GB memory expansion costs just under 5 dollars and for companies who can produce it in mass, it comes around 1 Dollar! So, you pay 99 dollars “free” to apple every time you chose a higher memory versions! And above all, Apple doesn’t allow external storage! Do you really need a phone with such limitations??? Buy an android phone! You will have a better experience than that of Apple!

Apple says, their app store has Millions of Apps!!! Sooooo funny! Does any one use all those apps! 50 percent of those apps are useless! And all the IMPORTANT apps are available across all major players, let it be Android or Nokia! So, unless you have lots of money to waste, don’t go for an apple i Phone IF YOU USE A PHONE JUST AS A “PHONE”.

And now, Apple has come up with a “better” earphones! For anyone who is going to buy a new earphone, please! Don’t buy it. There are a lot of Companies who are proven leaders in quality headphone making and hence buy any of their products!

And lastly, why i wrote this post!

Apple Maps!

Google maps is an application which is accepted, used and trusted by almost every one who uses a computer and who knows to use a Map! Trying to replace Google maps with their own Map system, is the BIGGEST mistake Apple has ever done! Yes, they are good at innovation! But that doesn’t mean they are the best in EVERY technology out there! And, now, Apple has realized their mistake and Tim Cook, The CEO of apple itself has issued an apology, accepting the failure of their maps!!

Yes..I am loving it!

Here is the letter from Apple CEO to its customers!


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Do leave your valuable comments and your opinion about Apple and its products!

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15 Responses

  1. Same here, not an Apple fan.
    Android devices are much ahead of iPhone, be it performance, cost, open source, hardware. Although Android interface isn’t as smooth as iPhone, which is a well known fact.
    And the Apple maps, funny, can’t even think of comparing it to Google maps.
    They just released without any testing, or customers as a tester.
    I have been travelling since 2 years using Google maps on Android, and never got lost.

  2. I don’t have Apple products yet so this doesn’t affect me directly… However, I understand your concern and they probably should offer people both options… Yeah, I know they might not. 🙂

  3. “Use an MP3 player to listen to songs, use a SLR/Point and Shoot camera for taking photos, use your home PC/lap to browse internet when at home!”
    Don’t you realize the point is to only need to carry ONE device instead of three? What if I need to browse when I’m out and about? What if I need a camera when I didn’t expect and therefore didn’t bring it with me?
    And what is with this “use a phone for just a phone” attitude? Join us in the 21st century! Phones will never be “just phones” ever again. If you don’t have the money for smartphone, fine, but don’t pass judgement on people who do. And NO ONE uses ALL the apps in any store. That’s like saying no one watches ALL the channels on their TVs. It is an unfair assessment.
    Also, I’ve owned an Android phone, and their Google Play has MANY more “useless” apps, mostly due to the fact that anyone can upload some 4th-rate wallpaper or pictures app.
    I’ll give you this; the new Maps app is a disappointment, but not a “failure”. Needing a lot of work and being a failure are two different things.

    1. Exactly!!!! Even though you said it sarcastically, that is the whole point. If you just want a comfortable drive, buy an Honda!! Unless you want the high end expensive car, why buy BMW!!!!!

  4. So, you don’t own any Apple products, you haven’t used any Apple products, yet here you are giving “advice” purely based on intangible specs about what product is “better” (and I bet you haven’t used the Cowon MP3 players either)… Uh huh.
    Oh, and you might actually have a tad more credibility if you actually knew how to properly spell the names of the products you are discussing.
    At the end of the day, like so many single-minded tech-nerds, you are missing the single-most essential differentiator between these products – usability (which you can’t judge or evaluate, since you’ve used neither), inter-operability (which you can’t judge or evaluate, since you’ve used neither) and eco-system (which you can’t judge or evaluate, since you’ve used neither).

    1. First, I don’t understand where you disagree with what I have written! Tell me one factor which I have mentioned in the post which you find wrong.
      I own a Cowon PMP and I have tested Cowon vs iPod before I went for Cowon. Don’t take my word, do a Google search on comparison b/w iPod and Cowon from any credible tech review sites. You will find, Cowon is better. Next, I wrote about earphones. Isnt it true? Do you seriously believe the new earphones from Apple is better than branded earphones out there? Then Apple maps, Apple itself acknowledge that it has issues, so nothing to say there, then the iPhone, anything to say regarding the 100 dollar difference b/w 16GB and 32GB versions, other than the storage space? You don’t need to USE apple products to know whether it is good or bad. Usability varies from person to person. And if Android or Windows phone weren’t user friendly, they wouldn’t have become such competitors with Apple. Not even in a single place I have claimed or said that Apple is bad, all I said is there are better options than Apple, if you have an open mind. Finally, it would be great help, if you could tell me where I have misspelled products names so that I can change it! ( I couldn’t find any other than spacing errors)

    1. Its not about how long I know Apple. Its about facts!
      Is there anything which I said wrong? I haven’t said iPhone or iPod is bad! All I said, is If some one is just looking for a phone, don’t buy iphone and regarding mp3 players, there are better PMP for cheaper price, than iPod. You can google for Comparison b/w Cowon and iPod and all tech sites will give you the same result..COWON is better than iPod. Then Maps, Apple itself tells it is flawed. So no issues there, and Mac book and IPad, i have written that, they are gr8!!

  5. Look at what this new iPhone 5 under Tim Cook has brought, a bad decision about doing away with Google Maps. Now read the stories coming out now about how the new iOS 6 has a “Purple Haze” issue with it’s camera and how it does not let some people connect to their wifi system and now stories coming out about how iPhone 4 and 4s owners are complaining about accelerated drain from the new iOS 6 as well. This is just bad hardware and software, that is all it is and not worth the money for inferior products just to be part of the club.
    My wife and I have bought 2 each of the 3GS about 6 months after they came out and we loved them, we then bought 2 each of the 4’s about 3 months after they came out, of our 4 iPhones we bought them all in Singapore over the Singapore Apple website and whenever I went to Singapore I would pick them up at our apartment. I did ask on both purchases if I could have it fixed in Jakarta (our main home) if we had problems with them. Both times Apple’s Singapore staff told me yes they could fix them in Jakarta. It was not true.
    After only one month my wife’s iPhone 4 stopped working. I contacted Apple many many times and it took more than 6 weeks to finally have Apple to repair the phone free of charge even though it was under their so called warranty.
    When I made complaints to Apple Singapore about this and climbed up the complaint ladder in Singapore I was told by the last Apple Singapore staff that he was the last one I could complain to, no one else was higher in the Singapore office even though he was only in Customer complaint division. LOL. Again more Apple lies. I was given very bad information by the Apple employees for the repair for the phone and the arrogance I received exceeded anything I have been submitted to by any other company in this world.
    Have you ever tried to contact Apple via email? I then searched the net and emailed the only email address I could find, Then I was contacted by Apple SE Asia and they refused to responsibility for their staff and the way I had been treated and then the staff got really arrogant and did not care that I was grossly misinformed, it was arrogance extraordinaire and I could not get her iPhone 4s fixed in Jakarta but had to make a trip back to Singapore to do it.
    No longer will we financially support Apple, they only want money now for untested inferior software and blah products like the iPhone 5 that is still play ing catch up to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The home button is crap already on my wife’s Apple iPhone 4 so yesterday she got her new Samsung Galaxy S3, she loves it and easily transferred all data and contacts over from her Apple 4 with the Samsung software.
    If you want to really let Apple know how you feel about these injustices done by this arrogant company then contact these people:
    Jayesh Kamath Janine Beach Frank Teo Shelley Reid

    1. TY for your comment! Its sad that you have got lot of issues with Apple phones. Fortunately for me, I do not own any Apple products, so, I really dont have any personal complaints against their products! I was just expressing my general overview about their products! And TY for those email addresses, it will come handy one day or the other.

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